General Information Scientific and Technological Background

Climate change is one of the greatest threats facing humanity, with potentially devastating impacts on people, the environment and the economy. Reducing our carbon footprint is therefore crucial. Despite our best efforts, a certain level of global warming will happen, and is already underway. Its detrimental effects are already being felt.

The Board proposes turning the pressing need to prepare for climate disruptions into an opportunity to live better, more equitable, and healthier lives.

There are already many local actions, solutions and tools that can help to reduce climate risks, but many are implemented in scattered ways or have not been tested in real conditions. Therefore, this mission will connect these innovative solutions across borders and provide opportunities to scale them up.

This mission is to speed up the preparations to make Europe capable of dealing with a warmer, more unpredictable world. A Europe that is climate-resilient: flexible, able to recover and move forward from climate-related challenges.

Action Zones (Optional)

Plans with detailed actions, investment strategy and performance indicators will be developed during the preparatory phase.

Also, each mission will operate as a portfolio of actions – such as research projects, policy measures or even legislative initiatives.

Scope and Goals

Climate adaptation is the process of adjustment to actual or expected climate and its effects. The mission will support this process by connecting citizens with science and public policy. A mission in this area will help maximise the impact of the EU’s support to research and innovation and demonstrate its relevance for society and citizens.

Its focus will be on solutions and preparedness for the impact of climate change to protect lives and assets. It will include behavioural changes and social aspects by addressing new communities beyond usual stakeholders, which help lead to a societal transformation.

Targets by 2030: prepare Europe to deal with climate disruptions, accelerate the transition to a healthy and prosperous future within safe planetary boundaries and scale up solutions for resilience that will trigger transformations in society.

By preparing, designing and demonstrating, this goal will be acheieved;

Preparing: By 2030, all Europeans should have access to clear information on present and future climate risks in their region. We will also support local authorities in developing plans to manage and be prepared to deal with such risks.

Designing: By 2030, 200 communities and regions should have designed plans to not only reduce climate risks, but to also ensure a transformation towards a healthy and prosperous life. ,

Demonstrating: By 2030, 100 pilots of innovative solutions should be in place, thereby increasing the climate resilience of regions and communities. 

This mission will connect innovative solutions across borders and provide opportunities to scale them up. Examples include;

  • Increasing the capacity of our rivers and wetlands that protect us from flooding;
  • More robust buildings, more resilient crops and smarter irrigation; 
  • Restoring fire-resilient forests, 
  • Local energy systems, or early warning systems to safeguard our health and wellbeing. 

Call Information (Optional)

A preparatory phase began in November 2020, and will last a maximum of 12 months.Plans with detailed actions, investment strategy and performance indicators will be developed during this phase.

At the end of it, missions will be assessed against a set of robust criteria. Once approved, missions will get fully up and running, probably by 3rd or 4th quater of 2021.


Each EU mission will have a specific timeframe and budget depending on the challenge.