The European Innovation Council (EIC) represents Europe's most ambitious innovation initiative under Horizon Europe. In this context, the general purpose of the EIC is to identify, develop and implement all kinds of high-risk innovations, focusing especially on breakthrough, market-creating and deep-tech innovations. In addition, this program aims to support the rapid growth of innovative technologies and companies (mostly start-ups and SMEs) on the way from ideas to the market at EU and international level. Horizon Europe work programme of EIC was created in the context of the following key features, based on the experience of the EIC Pilot Program under Horizon 2020 and the recommendations of the EIC Pilot Advisory Board:

  • Integrated and agile support for the entire innovation spectrum from early stage research to start-up and scale-up
  • A balance between open funding and challenge driven funding
  • Tailored approach to proposals evaluation
  • Active project and portfolio management by EIC Program Managers
  • Policy of open access and Intellectual Property Rights

EIC calls and supports within the scope of Horizon Europe are presented under the following headings:

  • Open Funding
    • EIC Pathfinder Open
    • EIC Transition Open
    • EIC Accelerator Open
  • EIC Strategic Challenges
    • EIC Pathfinder Challenges
    • EIC Transition Challenges
    • EIC Accelerator Challenges
  • EIC Prizes
  • EIC Community and Business Acceleration Services
  • Other Actions

2021 estimated budget: EUR 1490.70 million