General Information

EIT Climate-KIC's was launched in 2010 in order to bring together, inspire and empower a dynamic community to build a zero carbon economy and climate resilient society [1] .

EIT Climate-KIC brings together partners in the worlds of business, academia, and the public and non-profit sectors to create networks of expertise, through which innovative products, services and systems can be developed, brought to market and scaled-up for impact  [2] .

EIT Climate-KIC has more than 270 global partners spanning universities, businesses, cities and NGOs  [3] . EIT Climate-KIC programmes have supported more than 2,000 start-ups. Every year another 200-300 start-ups join to the community [4] .

Headquartered in London, EIT Climate-KIC operates across six geographies: Mediterranean: France, Italy, Spain; North-Eastern: Germany & Poland; Benelux: the Netherlands & Belgium; Alpine & Hungary: Austria, Switzerland; Nordic: Denmark, Sweden & Finland; UK & Ireland [1] .

Areas of focus

Climate change mitigation and adaptation is adressed under four themes:

  • Urban Transitions: Integrated, interoperable, scalable and replicable systemic solutions are developed to transform urban environments into decarbonised and climate-resilient beacons [1,5] .
  • Sustainable Production Systems: Climate-friendly and economically viable circular models of manufacturing are developed and championed that will deliver a carbon-neutral European economy [6] .
  • Decision Metrics & Finance: Metrics and financial mechanisms are developed to redirect and mobilise the finance needed to quickly scale up climate action. A platform is provided for all sectors, from public and private financial players, to policy makers and governments to unlock finance through innovation [7] .
  • Sustainable Land Use: Climate change is a major threat multiplier for global food security, impacting agricultural productivity and the stability of food production. New approaches are supported that decarbonise agriculture, making it more efficient and productive  [8] .

Other Informations

Please visit the web page of EIT Climate-KIC for more information.