General Information

This new European Partnership will integrate Horizon 2020 ERA-NET projects addressing Cardiovascular Diseases (ERA-CVD), Nano Medical Technologies (EuroNanoMed) and Diet related diseases/Healthy Diets (related to the JPI "A Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life") and eco-systems, building on their long-standing experience also expanding towards investigator-initiated clinical studies. It will identify bottlenecks, which hinder multinational clinical studies and propose ways to overcome them.


30 Million €

Call Information

The Partnership will be supported under “HORIZON-HLTH-2022-DISEASE-03-01: European partnership fostering a European Research Area (ERA) for health research” call.

Other Informations

Phase 1 of the Partnership will serve as a transition from diverse scientific research agenda towards a shared scientific agenda which will include the support of investigator-initiated clinical studies (IICS). During Phase 2, multinational calls for IICSs and joint calls for other priority areas will be launched.

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