This Destination is aim to create a favourable environment that is designed with the main purpose of increasing the impact of security R&I and to tackle the factors that hinder innovation uptake.

To achieve those aims at building a stronger, more systematic and analysis-intensive security research and innovation cycle, increasing industrialisation, commercialisation, adoption and deployment of successful outcomes of security research reinforces the competitiveness and resilience of EU security technology and industrial base and safeguards the security of supply of EU-products in critical security areas and creating R&I-enabled knowledge and value in cross-cutting matters. 

The sub-areas under Strengthened Security Research and Innovation Destionation are given below.

  • SSRI 01 - Stronger pillars of security Research and Innovation
  • SSRI 02 - Increased Innovation uptake
  • SSRI 03 - Cross-cutting knowledge and value for common security solutions

Strengthened Security Research and Innovation 2021 Budget is 16 Million Euros and 2022 budget is 9,5 Million Euros