Network connectivity in research and education - enabling collaboration without boundaries 

Objectives are;

  • Faster , resilient and secure connectivity to access close to real time applications, enabling effective global collaboration of virtual communities
  • Put Europe at the forefront of global R&E by creating the necessary conditions to attract data and talent and offering borderless collaboration services, ensuring very high bandwidth, reliable and secure end to end crossborder connectivity and paving the way for widespread access to common European Data Spaces
  • Achieve global connectivity and foster EU international cooperation policy objectives via enhanced interconnection of the R&E networks between Europe and different parts of the world

Call Contents;

  • Both EU internal and EU external dimensions covered
  • Setting up of the Framework Partnership Agreement ( providing overall goals for both
    • To develop a new pan European programme that meets the huge growth in network capacity and demand for advanced services and set the basis for a paradigm shift in digital science and computational infrastructures over the next 10 years
  • Specific Grant Agreement ( on basis of the FPA goals addressing
    • Operational excellence in connectivity and collaboration services (including innovation widening of user base Collaboration with SMEs and industry access to the European Data Spaces convergence of AAI across Research and Education and towards e IDAS
    • International collaboration with Regional Networks to ensure scientists researchers access to world class RI worldwide investments for long term acquisitions of capacity and associated equipment for domestic and international connectivity

The budget will be subject to change.