03 November 2020

As part of the ‘Turkey in Horizon 2020’ project, we have pleased to organise a Focus Group Training for organizations (academic and research institutes, private companies, public sector organizations, NGOs etc) who want prepare proposals for the following topics:

  • LC-GD-2-1-2020: Innovative land-based and offshore renewable energy technologies and their integration into the energy system
  • LC-GD-2-2-2020: Develop and demonstrate a 100 MW electrolyser upscaling the link between renewables and commercial/industrial applications
  • LC-GD-2-3-2020: Accelerating the green transition and energy access Partnership with Africa
  • LC-GD-3-1-2020: Closing the industrial carbon cycle to combat climate change -Industrial feasibility of catalytic routes for sustainable alternatives to fossil resources
  • LC-GD-4-1-2020: Building and renovating in an energy and resource efficient way
  • LC-GD-5-1-2020: Green airports and ports as multimodal hubs for sustainable and smart mobility

The training covered all topics related to proposal writing covering all sections, strategies for identifying strong partners, and topics related to the evaluation of proposals.

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