25 February 2016

The European Patent Office (EPO) organises a “Guidelines2day and Article 84 EPC” training event in various places all over Europe. The next event is in Berlin, but more will follow all over Europe. The training is organised with the support of the epi, and it targets patent attorneys and IP professionals. According to EPO’s page, the programme includes:

the impact of the amendments in the new Guidelines for Examination, with the focus on how to optimise patent prosecution before the EPO ?in terms of communication with the Office, expediting the procedure and amending the application
procedural changes which are not covered by the Guidelines but which are nevertheless relevant to professional representatives
how the EPO evaluates whether the claims comply with the requirements of Art. 84 EPC; the speakers will provide sound practical advice using general examples which do not require field specific technical knowledge.

Find out more in EPO’s website

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