One of the most important services our project team offers is a number of training sessions concentrating on unique audiences and experiences.

We goal is to provide the core information and knowledge transfer on H2020 and Horizon Europe project development, with a special focus on increasing numbers of applicants, and the number of projects where Turkey acts as the coordinator.

All training materials and activity-related information can be found in our helpdesk.



SME One-to-One Consulting & Proposal Development

Through this activity, our International Experts offer one-to-one consultancy support to 40 carefully selected SMEs. The assistance has two main aims: to increase the number of SMEs applying for Horizon Europe (HE) – in particular the EIC Accelerator Programme – and to increase the success rate of their applications. After an in-depth interview with each SME, a summary report incorporating an innovation roadmap is prepared, giving an opinion on the innovation potential of their proposed HE project, identifying specific opportunities for HE participation, and aspects of their business which could boost their potential. The team of experts also offer to give a brief evaluation of draft proposals to again increase the success rate of proposals for submission to HE.

SME Pilot Mentoring Programme

In order to help SMEs get into better shape for HE proposal submission an SME Mentoring Programme is being piloted by the Project. Under this activity, 20 selected SMEs will receive up to 6 half-day mentoring sessions from experienced SME mentors who have been carefully selected and verified by the programme. The aim of the Pilot is to look at each SME’s approach to important factors in developing an HE bid, such as export marketing, innovation, commercialization, etc., so that through the mentoring sessions they will be better placed to bid for HE funding.

Apart from consultancy support, the project offers a wide range of training dedicated to SMEs. All SME-related training materials and information can be found below.



The project offers researchers with the necessary financial support to complement training and consultancy activities aimed at improving awareness, information, knowledge, and specific skills in order to submit successful H2020 project applications. Activities include the organisation of International Brokerage Events in both Turkey and Brussels, B2B matching tools that allows online networking activities, and financial support to Turkish researchers travelling to the networking events or consortium building meetings abroad to participate in networking events abroad.

Within the scope of networking activities, the project has successfully conducted two Brokerage events, an online TRANSCAN networking event, and online Green Deal International Networking Event that allowed Turkish participants meet face-to-face and on the online platform with their European counterparts from varying sectors.

  • EU-Turkey Co-operation on Research and Innovation: International Brokerage Event “ICTurkey2019”Within the scope of this event, over 300 European and Turkish researchers and companies were successfully brought together for networking and collaboration in Istanbul. The event concentrated on the “5G”, “Next Generation Internet”, “Digitising European Industry”, “Big Data and Applications", and “Smart Health and Care” areas and dedicated to academics, companies, and other commercial or non-profit organizations interested in research and innovation projects supported by the European Commission’s (EC) Horizon 2020 Programme. The Brokerage Event enabled Turkish academics, companies, and public organizations to showcase their own capabilities, interests and ideas and help to create partnerships with their European counterparts.
  • EU-Turkey Cooperation on Research and Innovation in Horizon 2020: International Brokerage Event “Cities of the Future 2019” UFUK 2020 Uluslararası Proje Pazarı Etkinliği ‘Geleceğin Şehirleri 2019 (CoF 2019)’
    The Cities of Future 2019 Brokerage Event was organised to cover a wide range of technologies that will influence and support those living and working in cities of the future. The event brought together participants from Europe and Turkey in Brussels, from both research and industrial communities working in related fields. The Event offered a unique opportunity to connect with Turkish and European researchers to discuss H2020 project ideas and get first-hand information about upcoming H2020 calls. The brokerage event also provides an excellent platform to expand networks and create new partnerships.
  • Horizon 2020 Green Deal International Networking Event The event focused on the European Green Deal call and brought together up to 500 participants from Europe and Turkey, coming from both research and industrial communities working on related domains. The event was orchestrated through B2Match tool that allowed participants to organise a number of one-to-one meetings for their network. This event not only provided a unique opportunity to connect with Turkish and European researchers to discuss project ideas, but also offered first-hand information about the European Green Deal Call.
  • TRANSCAN-3 ERA-NET Joint Transnational Call 2021 International Networking Event The event was dedicated to the forthcoming Joint Transnational Call (JTC2021) "Next generation cancer immunotherapy: targeting the tumour microenvironment." Organised through the B2Match platform, this networking event enabled 500 participants of researchers, SMEs, industrial organizations, hospitals and research infrastructures from Europe, Canada, Taiwan, and Turkey to come together online in the field of transnational cancer research. The event not only provided participants with the unique opportunity to connect with a wide variety of stakeholders to discuss project ideas, but also offered first-hand information about the TRANSCAN-3 Joint Transnational Call 2021.


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In order to support organisations in all the above activities and enhance their capabilities in Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe Programme, the project has created this website that will be used as a communication tool for all researchers seeking help from our team. Information Multipliers can also benefit from some collaboration and reference features that will only be available to them. Newsletters, closed and open LinkedIn groups as well as online forms will be facilitated to further improve and expand information channels.

Apart from this tool, a full feature helpdesk system is implemented. This will allow researchers (individuals and organisations) to post questions either through their email or by submitting a simple web form. The helpdesk system can be accessed through or by sending mail to