11 November 2019

The focus of the 2nd event was technologies in many interrelated thematic fields like transport, energy, environment, ICT and Nanotechnologies under the umbrella concept of “Cities of the Future 2019 (CoF 2019)”. The event targets calls in: Next Generation Batteries, Automated Road Transport, Mobility for Growth,  Green Vehicles, Smart, Sustainable and Resilient Cities, Energy Efficient Buildings (EEB), Smart Energy Systems and Consumers, Circular Economy, Raw Materials, Sustainable Process Industry (SPIRE), Factories of the Future (FOF), AI for Manufacturing and Robotics.

This event gave the unique opportunity to researchers from Turkey to connect with their European counterparts and pursuit collaborations and partnerships for new projects. These partnerships are essential to the continuous integration of the Turkish Research Area to ERA and the success of Turkey in H2020 and the forthcoming Horizon Europe. Moreover, the event was closely aligned with the objectives of the one the new major European research and innovation missions that will be part of Horizon Europe, namely the mission for climate-neutral and smart cities.

  • The event brought together 298 participants from Europe and Turkey, coming from both research and industrial communities working on related fields.
  • There was a very good balance between commercial (45%), research (38%) and public (17%) organizations.
  • Participants represented 40 countries with 40% of participants coming from Turkey.
  • There were 661 cooperation offers submitted to B2Match platform.
  • About 90 projects ideas were presented during the Workshops.
  • During B2B session there was 707 bilateral meetings being held between participants at 48 tables.

Key speakers presentations are already available to the B2Match web site. Workshop presentations are also available according to the consent of the participants in order to comply with privacy and confidentiality issues. Presentations were made available through the same system and only to registered users. All presentations are linked to participant profile in B2Match. 

Check out all the photos of the event in our Google Photos Album!

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