18 March 2019

The event aimed to introduce Information Multipliers (existing but also newcomers) to the training planned under the TH2020 phase II, set the foundation for team building and establishing a strong community among the IMs, familiarise with the IMS platform and provide suggestions for improvement but most importantly to discuss and assess the training needs of the IMs. All IMs participants were quite active during the team-building exercise and during the afternoon session that had to assess as a group their training needs. The layout of the sitting for the participants was based on round tables for facilitating the interaction and the discussions as groups. Each group/table had to work on the ice-breaking activities. The training needs analysis section was based on clear instructions provided to them in the event folder and included in the pre-event report. During the workshop/afternoon session, each participant had to specify their own mission and vision as IMs and then specify those training strategies & actions for fulfilling this mission and vision. Then they had to discuss their views as a group within their own sitting table. The event was concluded with suggestions on training topics that were discussed by each group/table.

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