15 March 2019

The principal aim of this workshop was to present the TNA findings, discuss them with invited SMEs and incorporate their suggestions into the series of SME training events conducted through Turkey in the Horizon 2020 Phase II project.

Following the Training Needs Analysis and presentations from two training experts on their experiences in SMEI training in Turkey and across Europe, the discussion was then broadened to include responses from the participants. This was done as a basis for SMEs to formulate their suggestions for the content and delivery of the series of SME training events.

The attendees were formed into 6 mixed workshop groups from several sectors and sizes of business. Each group considered their findings from the presentations, then collectively debated and decided on specific aspects of training delivery; priority topics, ideal content, method of delivery and any specific sector or business size-related needs. A rapporteur from each group then feedbacks their collective views in six summary presentations. Finally, the workshop concluded with an overall summary of the workshop’s findings and recommendations, collated from the feedback.

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