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  24 June 2021

The “Towards zero emission road transport” (2ZERO) partnership will launch soon, as part of the new framework programme of the EU: Horizon Europe. It will be the continuation and extension of the European Green Vehicles Initiative. Building upon the success of previous initiatives (Green Cars and Green Vehicles), the 2Zero partnership will address the challenge of decarbonisation of road transport in a systemic way.

The preparations to present the future co-programmed partnership Towards zero emission road transport (2Zero) are underway.

Mark your agenda: On May 19, the European Commission representatives and stakeholders from EGVIA will introduce the future co-programmed partnership. The programme will be shortly announced.
This introduction event will be followed by 4 “Get Lunch with 2Zero” online meetings in June. Each of the online meetings will present a pillar of the partnership – pillars structuring the partnership’s activities and interacting to identify R&I challenges and priorities:

  • Pilar 3 “Innovative concepts and services for the zero tailpipe” – 1st June from 12 00 to 13 00
  • Pilar 2 “The integration of BEV into the energy system and related charging infrastructure” – 8th June from 12 00 to 13 00
  • Pilar 1 “Vehicle technologies and vehicle propulsion solutions for BEV and FCEV” – 15th June from 12 00 to 13 00
  • Pilar 4 “LCA and circular economy approaches for sustainable and innovative road mobility solutions“- 22nd June from 12 00 to 13 00

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Note: The times shown are for the Central European Time Zone.

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