The European Innovation Ecosystems work programme aims to create and expand more connected, inclusive, and efficient innovation ecosystems that support the scaling of companies and spur innovation to address important challenges in a responsible way, as laid out in the New European Innovation Agenda. 

The work programme contains actions under two (2) destinations: CONNECT and INNOVSMES. 

•    The actions under the CONNECT destination focus on building interconnected, inclusive innovation ecosystems across the EU by drawing on the existing strengths of national, regional and local ecosystems and encouraging the involvement of all actors and territories to reinforce network connectivity for sustainably business growth and to set, undertake, and achieve collective ambitions towards challenges for the benefit of society, including green, digital, and social transitions. It will particularly support the flagship action on accelerating and strengthening innovation in European Innovation Ecosystems across the EU and addressing the innovation divide under the New European Innovation Agenda.

•    The action under the INNOVSMES destination will support the European Partnership on Innovative Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), which will help innovative SMEs to increase their research and innovation (R&I) capacity and productivity and successfully embed in global value chains and access new markets.

You can find detailed information about the 2023-2024 Work Program and actions from here.

You can access the New European Innovation Agenda from here as well.