Fish Biology
  11 February 2022

The International Prize for Biology was instituted in April, 1985 by the Committee on the International Prize for Biology of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS). Since its institution, the Prize has been given by the Committee each year. It consists of a medal and an award of 10 Million Yen (approximately 1,1 Million TL).

The committee has chosen “Biology of Fishes” as the specialty for the 2022 Prize. Applicants need to apply through JSPS application system until 8 April, 2022. As the applicants can nominate themselves to the prize, they need to enter their personal information in “Nominator” sections during the application. The applications will be reviewed and finalized by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.      

For further details, please see the Prize Leaflet and the Prize web site.

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