Clean Aviation
  01 December 2021

The European Partnership for Clean Aviation is now underway!  Entering into force on 30 November 2021, Clean Aviation is the European Commission’s public-private partnership for climate-neutral aviation, under the umbrella of Horizon Europe.


Clean Aviation represents an ambitious research and innovation agenda for a sustainable aviation sector that contributes to the EU Green Deal and the EU’s Industrial Strategy.


It will be a vital stepping stone along Europe’s path towards becoming the first continent to reach climate neutrality by 2050.

Three main thrusts will form the pillars of the new European Partnership: hybrid electric and full electric concepts, ultra-efficient aircraft architectures, and disruptive technologies to enable hydrogen-powered aircraft.


The unique approach of the Partnership – bringing together the best ideas and talent from industry, academia, research centres and SMEs – will ensure a vibrant and competitive research environment, transforming European aviation towards climate neutrality, supporting mobility goals and creating sustainable economic value.


Clean Aviation will build on the achievements of the two successive Clean Sky Joint Undertakings, which have supported research and innovation in sustainable aviation technology since 2008 to significantly reduce CO2, NOx and noise emissions.

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