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  05 August 2021

The closing date of 8 calls opened on June 24 by the Zero-Emission Waterborne Transport (ZEWT) Partnership, opened under the Horizon Europe "Climate, Energy and Transport" Cluster, is September 14, 2021.

Brief information about the calls is given below, and detailed information can be obtained from the Funding & Tenders Portal page links above each call code.

  • HORIZON-CL5-2021-D5-01-07         Enabling the safe and efficient on-board storage and integration within ships of large quantities of ammonia and hydrogen fuels (ZEWT Partnership)
  • HORIZON-CL5-2021-D5-01-08         Enabling the full integration of very high power fuel cells in ship design using co-generation and combined cycle solutions for increased efficiency with multiple fuels (ZEWT Partnership)
  • HORIZON-CL5-2021-D5-01-09         CSA identifying waterborne sustainable fuel deployment scenarios (ZEWT Partnership)
  • HORIZON-CL5-2021-D5-01-10         Innovative on-board energy saving solutions (ZEWT Partnership)
  • HORIZON-CL5-2021-D5-01-11         Hyper powered vessel battery charging system (ZEWT Partnership)
  • HORIZON-CL5-2021-D5-01-12         Assessing and preventing methane slip from LNG engines in all conditions within both existing and new vessels (ZEWT Partnership)
  • HORIZON-CL5-2021-D5-01-13         Digital Twin models to enable green ship operations (ZEWT Partnership)
  • HORIZON-CL5-2021-D5-01-14         Proving the feasibility of a large clean ammonia marine engine (ZEWT Partnership)

Project applications are made through the "Funding and Tenders" page of the European Commission. You can take part in the call in question as a coordinator or partner:

  • If you are planning to apply as a coordinator, you can benefit from the TÜBİTAK Coordinatorship Support Program. You must apply to the Support Program at least 45 days before the event deadline.
  • If you want to take part in consortia as a partner, you can follow the steps below:

• Finding a Project Partner: From the Partner Search page on the portal, it is possible to search for a project partner to be established by making searches specific to the call of interest or with different parameters. Shared call option can also be accessed via the page where call announcements are made. When the call announcement of interest is clicked, by going to the Partner Search option on the left side of the window that opens, information about the institutions and organizations that are looking for a partner/desiring to become a partner in the projects can be accessed. You can also add information about your own organization to the page, and let those interested know about you.

• You can fill in the interest form in the link and share it with In this way, the relevant contact points will be able to carry out consortium determination activities on your behalf by sharing the form with possible coordinator candidates.

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