2022 yılı EIC Çalışma Programı’nın 9 Şubat 2022 tarihinde EIC resmi web sitesinde yayımlanması beklenmektedir.
  04 February 2022

The EIC Work Programme for 2022 is scheduled to be presented by the Commission on 9 February and will contain the full details of all EIC funding opportunities in 2022.

An EIC applicants’ day will be organised on 22 February, with detailed presentations of all elements of the EIC 2022 work programme and information on how to apply for potential beneficiaries. More details will be available soon.

For all companies interested in EIC support, the AI platform remains open to submit short applications at any time with feedback within 4 weeks and the next cut-off date for full applications is expected to be 23 March.

For applicants interested in applying for the EIC Pathfinder for early stage research on breakthrough technologies, the expected deadline for applications is early May. This date and the full details for applying will be confirmed in the EIC 2022 work programme.

Full details of the funding opportunities and novelties in the EIC 2022 work programme will be available on 9 February on the EIC website.

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