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  09 July 2021

ScaleTHENGlobal is an EU-funded programme implemented through EIT Urban Mobility partners aiming to support startups in scaling up their business in Europe, driving growth and going international.
Among the activities of the programme, ScaleTHENGlobal will support three pilots with 50k€ by matching city challenges and the best pilot projects presented by 15 startups from ScaleTHENGlobal. For more information about the programme please visit https://www.eiturbanmobility.eu/business-creation/scalethenglobal/.

This first phase of the selection process aims to gather proposals in the form of city challenges.

An evaluation panel composed of 4 members (2 EIT UM, 1 ScaleTHENGlobal consortium, 1 City Club member) will score the proposals according to a standardized set of criteria (e.g. resources, proposed challenge, availability among others.)  Proposals with a total score above 10 out of 15 points will be matched with the startups to select the best 3 pilot projects.

Please propose from the perspective of your city a challenge to be solved by the startups participating in the EIT Urban Mobility ScaleTHENGlobal programme through the implementation of a pilot project. Please bear in mind that you can submit as many challenges as desired by fulfilling multiple times this form. The form will close on the 15 July 2021, end of day.

If you have any questions regarding the ScaleTHENGlobal city pilots you can contact scalethenglobal@eiturbanmobility.eu

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