30 June 2021

The event was a 2-day intensive online workshop mainly addressed to organizations that are planning to participate in the call and prepare proposals for Horizon Europe Widening Participation: Twinning Call. The training covered all topics related to proposal writing, strategies for identifying strong partners, and topics related to the evaluation of proposals. Twinning aimed to enhance networking activities between the research institutions of the Widening countries like Turkey and top-class leading counterparts at the EU level through knowledge transfer and exchange of best practices. Twinning actions intend to help raise the research profile of the institution from the Widening country as well as the research profile of its staff including a special focus on strengthening the research management and administrative skills of the coordination institution from the Widening country.

The sessions were structured in such a way to help participants grasp the fundamental concepts behind the Twinning Call and learn how to best prepare their own projects. The content was enriched with presentations of successful projects, exchange of experiences from proposal preparation, and useful templates.

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