03 March 2017

A key feature of the Turkey in Horizon 2020 programme is a series of one-to-one consultancy visits made by one of our Key Experts to high-technology Turkish companies who could benefit from the Horizon 2020 programme.

At the end of the first year of the project over 40 companies had been visited. These ranged from leading-edge IT companies in areas such as distance learning and flight simulators to highly specialised businesses in key areas of research from stem cells to robotics and underwater exploration. Each company receives a detailed report following the half-day visit. The Expert’s report focuses not only on suitability for Horizon 2020 and national R&D funding but also discusses key business issues such as future product and business strategies and potential markets.

Roughly 80% of the project ideas discussed with these businesses were considered suitable for EC support. For further information contact the NCP for your sector at TÜBİTAK or the Turkey in Horizon 2020 Helpdesk.

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