General Information

This partnership will provide an overarching platform and process to underpin the needed transition to sustainable food systems, provide solutions to the Farm to Fork strategy by connecting national,regional and European research and innovation programmes and food systems actors, to deliver co-benefits for nutrition, climate, circularity and communities.

The partnership will foster alignment, boost investment, and increase the societal relevance, impact, uptake and visibility of research and innovation and strengthen EU leadership in tackling food system transformation.

Expected type and composition of partners:

The food safety focus area will bring together public bodies including research centres, EU and National Food Safety Agencies and regulatory bodies including risk assessment bodies. The dietary shift, food waste and microbiome focus areas will bring together a wide variety of actors, including the public and private sectors, and other stakeholders across the food system from food production to food consumption and back, and linking the land and sea aspects.


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Call Information

Call is expected to be published in 2023/2024.

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Food, bioeconomy, natural resources, agriculture and environment