14 February 2017

SESAR Joint Undertaking is replaced under Horizon 2020 Smart, Green, and Integrated Transport and aiming to develop European Air Traffic Management within the scope of new technologies and procedures. In this context, SESAR 2020 Exploratory Research and Very Large Scale Demonstrations project call has been launced on 15 December 2016, while the applications to dedicated topics will be open up until 11 May 2017 (17:00 Brussels time).

Specific topics under the call be accessed from European Commission’s Participant Portal.

Technical details and expectations from SESAR side are provided under Technical Specification sheet.

Within the scope of call, research projects (Exploratory Research) and implementation projects (Very Large Scale Demonstrations) is planned to be funded.

1.Exploratory Research projects are prioritized for Technology Readiness Level 1 and 2 projects.

1.1. Transversal Exploratory Research projects are restricted to 4 years of duration with provision of fund for only one project on upbringing qualified work force of air traffic management  

1.2.Application Oriented Research projects are restricted to 2 years of project duration with estimated amounts of 500k and 1M Euro.

2. Very Large Scale Demonstrations projects will fund project having Technology Readiness Level higher than 6. Maximum project duration is expected to be 2 years, total project number is 10-15, with approximately 0.5 to 1 Million Euro budet.

2.1. SESAR Solutions for High Performing Aviation in Europe project will provide support for 10-15 projects under 6 different headings.

2.2. Global Interoperability projects will fund 2-4 projects with 1.5 Million Euro budget and 2 years of durations.

2.3. Safe Integration of Air Vehicles projects are expected to continue for 2 years, with 7-10 projects in number. Approximate budget for an individual project is 500k to 1M Euro.

You can direct technical your questons to info-call@sesar.ju e-mail address.

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