16 April 2018
Joint project proposals will be supported between the years 2019-2020 within the framework of the Scientific and Technological Cooperation Protocol between TUBITAK and French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 
The priority areas of the Call are:
• Security, including disaster resilience and fight against terrorism
• Transport, including aeronautics 
• Space
• Mathematics
• Information and communication technologies, including digital security
• Material sciences, including nanotechnology
• Environmental sciences, including seismic studies 
• Biotechnology with special emphasis to health and agricultural applications 
• Energy, including renewable energy and nuclear
The project proposals submitted under other thematic fields will be also evaluated.
Turkish researchers who are planning to submit a project proposal should find their own French partner who is working in a French research institute and they should prepare a joint project proposal together. Only the project proposals jointly prepared and submitted by Turkish and French researchers will be evaluated.
Turkish researchers willing to be supported within the framework of the TUBITAK-French Ministry of Foreign Affairs Bosphorus Program (2509 Program) should submit their project proposal via online submission tool (http://uidb-pbs.tubitak.gov.tr) until 18th of June 2018 and they should send their signed project documents via post to TUBITAK until 22nd June 2018. 
For detailed information about the Call please visit http://www.tubitak.gov.tr/tr/icerik-genel-bilgi-9 

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