19 December 2016

Naturejobs Career Expo was held in London, UK on 16 September 2016 with participation of the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK).  Worldwide known universities, research centers, industrial organizations with R&D activities from various countries partake in the event to meet with the researchers at different experience levels and backgrounds.  NatureJobs, known as world’s widest international career portal, announces the available scientific research positions and funding mechanisms held in Europe and USA. 

This year, TUBITAK has set up a stand at NatureJobs 2016 Career Expo. Participants whom visited TUBITAK stand were informed about latest developments in Turkish Research Area with international and national mobility opportunities provided within Horizon 2020; European Research Council (ERC), Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions (MSCA) and TUBITAK Science Fellowships and Grant Programmes Department (BIDEB).  More than 100 people have been informed on these topics during one to one meetings and TUBITAK’s workshop on the topic of “Research in Turkey in the Light of National & International Funding Mechanism”.

In the workshop, participants were informed about frontier research opportunities of Horizon 2020 ERC Programme that enables researchers to conduct their part time or full time research in Turkey with a significant budget as well as the individual funding opportunities of Horizon 2020 MSCA that enables mobility and reintegration of experienced researchers to Turkey. Moreover, national funding mechanisms of TUBITAK Science Fellowships and Grant Programmes Department (BIDEB) and bilateral agreements enabling collaboration projects between researchers resided in the UK and Turkey were promoted in this workshop with participants. 

Those who are planning to visit Turkish Research Area at any time during their career paths are invited to take part in any event within the concept of “ Research Destination Turkey Workshops” or get in touch with destinationturkey@tubitak.gov.tr for further information possible research and funding opportunities.


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