General Information

This partnership will support sustainable agriculture in the EU as well as policy monitoring and implementation by using digital and data technologies in environmental observation.

The partnership will generate EU-wide data sets and information through combining geospatial and Earth Oobservation datasets and employ data technologies to provide solutions to the agricultural sector allowing for more efficient, environmentally friendly, and profitable production and strengthen monitoring capacities across policy fields.

Expected type and composition of partners:

The partnership is proposed as co-funding partners led by (all) Member States and to involve national managing authorities for agricultural/environmental policy paying agencies and representatives of relevant expert-/working groups as well as universities and research organisations. These partners are needed to ensure a structural and long-term impact as well as sufficient geographical coverage. 
Considering the service orientation of the partnership, which requires among others know-how on market uptake and digital technology, cooperation with the private sector and stakeholder could be envisaged, depending on the final list of actions to be carried out by the partnership. This cooperation might be particularly essential to ensure that results generated by the partnership are tailored, beyond public administration, to farmers and other actors along the agri-food value chain. Moreover, services from the private sector in the field of geo-spatial services could be of added value. 
Similarly, the involvement of other potential stakeholders, such as the nature conservation or land owners organisations, might be considered. Furthermore, the partnership is expected to benefit from the involvement of relevant agencies, including the European Space Agency (ESA) the European Environment Agency (EEA) and the European GNNS Agency (GSA)/future EUSPA (European Space Programme Agency). Further discussion will be needed on the implementation modus and on how to organise collaboration with the private sector and other stakeholders.


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Call Information

Call will be opened in 2023.

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Food, bioeconomy, natural resources, agriculture and environment