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EU countries and countries associated with Horizon 2020, represented in the EOSC Governance Board, agreed unanimously to run the EOSC as a co-programmed European Partnership under Horizon Europe from 2021.
Horizon Europe is the Commission's research and innovation funding programme, succeeding Horizon 2020 from 2021.
In July 2020, an EOSC Association was set up to provide a single voice for advocacy and represent the broader EOSC stakeholder community. This association aims to become operational by early 2021 and rapidly expand its membership.
The new governance model agreed with EU countries for the next EOSC implementation phase after 2020 will be tripartite including:
•    The EU represented by the Commission
•    The European research community represented by the EOSC Association
•    EU countries and countries associated with Horizon Europe represented through a Steering Board to be set up in 2021 outside of the EOSC Association
Official information taken from the European Commission website

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