General Information

The European Partnership on Innovative SMEs  is a partnership established under the European Innovation Ecosystems (EIE) Program to help innovative SMEs increase their R&D, innovation capacity and productivity, and help them settle in global value chains and new markets. This partnership is designed to tackle the following three challenges:

  • Enabling innovative SMEs to succeed in all forms of innovation, including breakthrough innovations, and strengthen market deployment of innovative solutions;
  • Fostering the potential of innovative SMEs to enter and exploit global markets;
  • Strengthening the European Research Area and the synergies of innovation ecosystems in Europe

To meet these challenges, the partnership offers:

  • Eurostars program as a stepping stone of international cooperation
  • International partners (Eureka Network) to help innovative SMEs overcome their barriers in the international commercialization process
  • Active participation of National Funding Agencies in the Eureka network in the partnership to strengthen the European Research Area


Call Information

Please click here for the open calls under The European Partnership on Innovative SMEs/Eurostars and Innowwide.


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