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The Built4People partnership will address the shortcomings of its predecessor by building on its strong foundation, bringing together the whole value chain to radically accelerate progress on the more holistic R&I agenda for a people-centric sustainable built environment. The partnership will work across disciplines and life cycle stages, and across various scales, from building, block of buildings, and district, and bringing components and modules to city and wider regional and national levels. The partnership will build on the results developed in the previous initiatives (such as EeB PPP, FoF and SPIRE).
The coordination of Partnership will be carried by European Construction Technology Platform – ECTP. Please visit ECTP website for details and membership procedures. 


8 topics (EUR 125 million) (2021-2022)

Call Information

The funding rate is up to 60% of the eligible costs. This funding rate applies both to members and non-members of the partnership, except for non-profit legal entities, where the funding rate is up to 100% of the total eligible costs.

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