TUBITAK EBAG (ERC Principal Investigator Programme) has been established by TUBITAK for increasing the success rate of Turkish researcher in European Research Council (ERC) Programme.  ERC Programme, under Horizon2020, has 13.1 billion Euro budget and funds the best researchers in Europe and EBAG programme aims to ensure that Turkish Research Area can fully benefit from ERC. This Programme includes three sub-programmes that will help researchers throughout their ERC applicatiion.

The researchers who wish to apply for EBAG, first have to go through “General Application” process. Only after the researcher’s general application is accepted, he/she can apply for the sub-programmes, which are:

  • ERC Project Writing and Submission Training Support
  • ERC Project Pre-evaluation Support
  • ERC Interview Trainings Support

The EBAG application is always open. However, to be able to have a more reliable general application process, the applications should be completed 6 weeks (45 days) before the deadline of the ERC call that the researcher applies. For the sub-programmes the deadlines are as follows:

  • Project Writing and Submission Training Support (10 days before the start of the training)
  • Project Pre-evaluation Support (10 days before the deadline of the ERC call)
  • Interview Trainings Support (10 days before the start of the training)

Since after the application, the evaluation starts immediately, to be able to benefit from the programme fully, it is suggested that the researchers apply to the programme as soon as possible and not wait until the deadline.

The trainings are outsourced and given by experts/expert consultancy firms/universities. The criteria can be found at the respective sub-programme section of this guide. To be able to find an expert/consultancy firm/university, it is suggested to get into contact with Technology Transfer Offices or Project Offices of researcher’s host institution. Please note that these experts/ consultancy firms/universities can have quiet busy schedules (especially the closer it gets to the deadline of the ERC call), so it is recommended to contact them early on to ensure the researcher has a slot.

The payment is made by the researcher first and then the expenses are reimbursed to the account of the researcher. For the reimbursement to happen, all invoices should be exhibited to TUBITAK. In certain cases where the invoice for the training cannot be acquired, please contact the EBAG programme officer.


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