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In this section, you can find brief information about project preparation, project application, project signature, project implementation and project finalisation processes. In order to prevent discrepancy of information between this website and official Horizon 2020 website, only a brief information is shared, for detailed and verified information, please click the hyperlinks in related pages.

Three sub-sections on this category are listed as below:

1) Financial Aspects

      a) Project Preparation Phase

      b) Project Implementation Phase

      c) Checks, Reviews & Investigations


2) Participant Portal

      a) Roles and Access Rights

      b) Registering for an ECAS Account and Organization Register

      c) PIC Validation and LEAR Appointment

      d) Grant Preparation & Grant Signature

      e) PIC Data Update


3) Legal Aspects

      a) Project Agreements

      b) Intellectual Property Rights

      c) Useful Links


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