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  12 August 2021

Innomotion Programı; Sabancı Üniversitesi ve Farplas tarafından yürütülen ve EIT Urban Mobility tarafından desteklenen bir start-up ölçeklendirme programıdır.

Innomotion Program is a start-up scale up program that run by Sabancı University and Farplas with support of EIT Urban Mobility.

Innomotion Program is an acceleration program that aims to support innovative urban mobility start-ups, who want to develop their business idea and business model by providing trainings, mentoring support and organising Connect4Tech events which will give an opportunity to come together with ecosystem stakeholders.

Within the scope of the program, a workshop will also be organized to bring together the urban mobility ecosystem stakeholders in Turkey.

Terms of Application

All start-ups that develop technology-oriented urban mobility solutions within the following focus areas determined by EIT Urban Mobility can apply to the program.

Focus Areas:

  • Cluster 1 - Shift to active modes of transport (walking & cycling)

Cities are aiming towards increasing the share of walking and cycling as space efficient and low externality modes of transport. Some of the cities are concerned with increasing active modes in specific city centre areas first, some are trying to find new ways of coping with the vast numbers of already existing bicycle traffic and some look into making active modes safer and more convenient to use throughout the year.

  • Cluster 2 - Avoid negative health, safety, and environment impacts of urban mobility

This highly diverse and important challenge contains areas around electrification of vehicles, creating a safer environment for travellers within the city and, last but definitely not least: reducing air pollution.

  • Cluster 3 - Improve urban logistics with a focus on last mile distribution

In Cluster 3, The focus of last mile delivery is based on low carbon and low externality delivery to the final customer.

  • Cluster 4 - Improve public transport service provision

The challenge is maybe the most diverse of all the clusters and is centred around improved operation of busses, trams and trains incl. interchanges such as inter modal hubs and Park and Ride stations. It includes improvement of the service provision with punctuality via traffic priority and digital ticketing.


  • Cluster 5 - Improve the quality of public space

The challenge is concerned with a variety of different ways taking space away from (mostly road) mobility infrastructure and enabling different usage of that area. Two of the core areas included, are the reduction and better management of parking spaces and making infrastructure more flexible.

  • Cluster 6 - Improve traffic flow management (incl. ITS)

The challenger includes topics around good practices of (mobility) data handling, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and management of disruption (e.g. construction sites). In other words, this cluster is about generating, access and good use of (mobility) data.

  • Cluster 7 - Avoid transition barriers

The challenge contains structural, administrative and political topics preparing the city organisations for future steps in mobility development. As a future technology enabled but not carried by cities, also challenges around supporting infrastructure for autonomous driving are included in this cluster. If a city is planning to lower private vehicle traffic and enable a shift to other modes, this is also included here.

What awaits Start-ups at Innomotion?

  • Inclusive mentoring and trainings for all entrepreneurs selected for the program
  • Opportunity to develop the start-up from the perspective of Sabancı University and Farplas.
  • Opportunity to expand customer and investment network
  • Increasing the visibility of the start-up in the global arena



  • 10 August 2021: Application start sate
  • 31 August 2021: Deadline for applications

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