DTTI Info Session
  07 September 2023  - 07 September 2023  /   Online

Save the Date for Deep Tech Talent Training Prize Info Session!

The Deep Tech Talent Initiative (DTTI) is a platform created by EIT that aims providing training on deep technology and entrepreneurship to researchers and by doing that to reach one million trained people by 2025. The long-term goal of the Deep Tech Talent Initiative is to accelerate European innovation with tackling the climate change, building new agricultural food systems and creating more livable cities.

Deep Tech Talent Initiative Training Platform, which is still in its first year, continues to establish the training catalogues and the agreements (pledges) with the institutions who will provide these trainings. The Deep Tech Talent Training Prize Call rewards excellence in addressing Deep Tech training challenges. Awards are given to applicants who demonstrate excellence in addressing a challenge in a Deep Tech Talent Initiative (DTTI) area group in one of the two prize categories: Partner Training and Targeted Training around the Deep Tech Talent Initiative area groups. 

For more information regarding the prize and the DTTI and also to access the useful links from the EIT DTTI webpages, please follow this link which will lead you to our previous announcement of the Prize and the Initiative.  

In order to reach firs-hand information from the EIT, plase join to the Info-session (including a Q&A session) of the DTTI Prize Call. The Info-session will be held on 7th of September, 23 at 16:00 CET. For registration to the Info-session, please use this link. 

Please also find the video record of the previous session which was held on 27th of July, 23 via this link. 


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