Küme 5 Uluslararası Proje Pazarı Sonrası Kayıt ve 1:1 Görüşme İmkanı Yeniden Başladı!
  11 August 2021

The current collaboration figures clearly show a high interest in getting connected with like minded organisations.

Some stats figures
* 1800+ company/organisation profiles
* 760+ published projects so far
* 1700+ 1:1 meetings so far

In this respect and due to multiple participants requests we
• extended the possibility to connect via 1:1 Video calls and messaging until 19.10.2021
• allowed the publication of new or further collaboration profiles through the b2match Marketplace
For registration  https://he-cluster5.b2match.io
In this respect we have activated the ongoing 1:1 networking for those participants who have already registered for 1:1 networking.
In case you don’t want to send or receive requests for 1:1 meetings anymore you can easily sign-out as indicated below.
Those who have not yet registered for being available for 1:1 meetings can easily sign-in via the last link below

Initiate further 1:1 meetings
View participant list
View published projects, products, services, investments and expertise
Publish and showcase your own cooperation wishes
or sign-out from ongoing 1:1 networking
  chose Tab: “Availability”

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