ERC Mentoring Initiative
  28 January 2022

In collaboration with ERC, ERC Mentoring Initiave is now included in the ERC Principle Investigator Advancement Programme (EBAG)

The ERC Mentoring Initiative was launched by the ERC in 2021 in order to contribute to the strengthening of existing national ERC support programs. The new scheme aims to identify ERC grantees and former evaluation panel members to serve as external mentors to support researchers who are in the phase of preparing a proposal to an ERC call.

Researchers applying to the EBAG Program will be able to choose the ERC Mentoring Initiave. After the funding decision is taken, the applicants will receive a list researchers in their respective fields of research fields within the framework of confidentiality.

You may find more information about EBAG Programme on our website and send your questions to  . If yoyu have questions and suggestions regarding ERC Calls please contact .

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