General Information

The Batteries European Partnership Association (BEPA) is the private side association of the Batteries European Partnership under Horizon Europe. The Association gathers - on the public side - the European Commission and - on the private side - all the interested stakeholders of the European Battery Community.BEPA will provide recommendations for R&D and innovation calls that will improve competitiveness of the European Research Area's battery value chain at every stage. It is possible to become a member of BEPA in three different categories: full (industrial and academic organizations) and affiliated (non-profit associations). For detailed information about membership, you can visit the BEPA website, view the informative presentation, or view the document of the BEPA Partnership Agreement (A.I.S.B.L).


17 topics (EUR 293 million) (2021-2022)

Call Information

Industry members (inc, for profit research) Annual fee
Large(headcount>5000 and turnover>1,5bn€)9.500,00€
Intermediate(headcount250-4999 or turnover 50ml-1,5bn€)7.500,00€
Medium*(headcount 50-249 or turnover 10-50ml €)5.500,00€
*SMEs (headcount 50-249 or turnover <50ml €)2.500,00€
Small (headcount<50 and turnover <10ml €)1.500,00€
Research members (non profit) 
Large (headcount>250)4.000,00€
Small (headcount<250)2.500,00€
Associate members (membership without voting right) 
Associations, NGOs and other stakeholders1.000,00€

Other Informations

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