10 Ağustos 2023

We are seeking new candidates who can serve as evaluators representing Türkiye for the CETPartnership Joint Call 2023, plannified to commence in September. 

At least two experts will be nominated for each of the call modules on behalf of Turkiye after the evaluation of the applications. These nominees will be gathered in a pool of experts. 

It is crucial that the experts selected have no affiliation with any project proposals under the CETPartnership 2023 Joint Call. 

The nomination does not equal any commitment for the experts: they will be contacted by the Call Management Team for interest and availability, to be prepared for the pre-proposal evaluations and later the full-proposal evaluations.

Please fill out the application form to become an independent expert on behalf of Türkiye and send out your English CV to Incomplete applications will not be accepted. 

The form is intended to remain open until the end of September. Additionally, once the desired number is reached, the form may be closed before the application date.

Call Modules
CM2023-01Direct current (DC) technologies for power networks
CM2023-02Energy system flexibility: renewables production, storage and system integration
CM2023-03A/BAdvanced renewable energy technologies for power production
CM2023-04Carbon capture, utilisation, and storage (CCUS)
CM2023-05Hydrogen and renewable fuels
CM2023-06Heating and cooling technologies
CM2023-07Geothermal energy technologies
CM2023-08Integrated regional energy systems
CM2023-09Integrated industrial energy systems
CM2023-10A/BClean energy integration in the built environment



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