EnerMan Stakeholder Community
  25 Nisan 2022

EnerMan is an EU project funded under DT-FOF-09-2020 - Energy-efficient manufacturing system management (IA) call topic. The aim of EnerMan project is to reduce the energy consumption of the various components of manufacturing systems, such as machine tools. Specifically, it will create an energy sustainability management framework to collect data from the factory to predict energy trends using industrial processes, equipment and energy cost models. EnerMan will deliver an autonomous, intelligent decision-support engine that will evaluate the predicted trends and assess if they match predefined energy consumption sustainability objectives [1] .

EnerMan Project will enable joint knowledge sharing and workshops with critical stakeholder community. Enhance collaboration also between entities outside of the Project consortium as part of the model of European open innovation and open science [2] .

Please visit this page to discover more about the EnerMan stakeholder expeditions and to register as valuable stakeholder.

[1] https://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/958478 

[2] https://enerman-h2020.eu/stakeholder-community/

Benzer Haberler