Start and End Date

01 January 2018-31 January 2023


Dr. Mehmet Selim Hanay

Project Total Budget

1,5 Million Euros

Turkish Partners

Bilkent University

Desteklendiği Program ve Alan
European Research Council
Hücreleri Elektronik Olarak Görüntülemek

Scientific Outputs

The project proposes to redesign and utilize resonant electrical sensors in a radically different way to obtain images of cells in a microfluidic channel. The technique proposed can also multiplex on-chip cytometry greatly, accomplish low-cost and high-throughput single-cell transit-time characterization, obtain not only the electrical but also the geometrical size of analytes, determine the dielectric permittivity of analytes, in addition to capturing 1D profile or 2D images of cells. At the basic science level, the project will enhance our understanding of the interaction of electromagnetic fields and living matter at the single cell level and may provide new insights on cell motility, growth and mechanics

Tackling ‘grand’ or societal challenges

With the help of his project, an detection method for early diagnosis of cancer can be developed

The improved exercise of professional skill

The team of researchers will work on a brand new detection method and gain experience in interdisciplinary research projects.

Human capital development

Several postdoctoral researchers and PhD students will be employed within the scope of this project